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Long Sentence for Public Fraud Defendant  |  22-10-2011




Family Law

There is likely nothing more upsetting than the breakdown of a marriage or relationship, particularly when children are involved. Experience and a thorough understanding of Michigan divorce law and procedure, negotiation, and litigation are crucial in assuring that a client's rights are going to be vigorously protected.

In domestic issues, the attorney must make difficult decisions in order to ensure that a client's rights and privileges are defended but also to safeguard the mental health and well being of the children involved. An attorney must be able to objectively make decisions for the good of the client. I have been involved in all aspects of divorce and custody issues for the last decade and a half, and I am always straightforward and honest with my clients about the litigation in which they find themselves.

Condominium Law

I currently represent many condominium associations in both collection matters and in matters of corporate governance. The master deeds and bylaws are the sets of rules by which all condominium boards and co-owners must abide, and interpretation and execution of those rules is critical in maintaining an association that is run efficiently and fairly for all co-owners.

With the real estate, banking, and job crises in which much of the State of Michigan finds itself, collection of monthly, quarterly, and annual association dues has become increasingly difficult. I have experience in utilizing an association's bylaws and the Michigan Condominium Act to effectively collect not only dues owed by delinquent co-owners, but also in recouping attorney fees that have been spent by the association in collecting such funds.

Let me sit down with your board and determine what is in your specific association=s best interests.

Civil Law

I have extensive experience in various types of civil litigation, including construction, commercial, and general civil litigation.  I have extensive experience representing construction clients, including developers, construction contractors, and subcontractors. I also represent companies and individuals in manufacturing, sales, contract, and banking issues.

Criminal Law

Criminal charges are particularly difficult for clients. As most individuals have never been in any serious trouble, clients who face criminal charges need an attorney who can advise them competently based on experience. I have extensive experience in all of the circuit courts and virtually all of the district courts in the Tri County area, as well as Washtenaw, Livingston, and Monroe Counties.

Charges such as assault, drug possession, DUI, and other driving violations can carry serious consequences, including loss of driving privileges, extensive and expensive probationary periods, and incarceration. Clients need and deserve an attorney who has experience and the ability to navigate what can be a very complicated court system.

Estate Planning

The last thing most people want to think about is the subject of estate planning. The topic often seems distant and foreboding.  It is unfortunate that many people put off planning their estate because it really is just about making sure that your loved ones are provided for. Proper and thorough estate planning means that your hard-earned property is distributed according to your wishes. There are a number of ways to leave property to your loved ones after your death. Substantial amounts of time and money can often be saved if property is labeled and transferred by certain legal methods rather than others. In addition, good estate planning also addresses the possibility of mental or physical incapacity resulting from either an accident or illness. Proper planning in advance will allow you to direct how you and your property will be cared for if misfortune occurs. We will help you through the entire estate planning process by clearly defining your goals, examining your different options and creating a comprehensive estate plan that meets your needs and gives you peace of mind.